EZ Ride+ Electric Wheelchair Attachment – Now Available In Canada!

Oct 7, 2022 | Mobility Products

Have you heard about the EZ Ride+ electric wheelchair attachment?

This innovative wheelchair attachment can take a standard folding wheelchair and turn it into an electric wheelchair, propelled with a rechargeable electric motor.

Available now through Active Mobility Solutions, the EZ Ride+ is a game-changer. 

Although there are a number of similar products available in the marketplace, the EZ Ride+ plus is significantly more affordable. For less than $2000, your manual folding wheelchair can transform into an electric wheelchair and back to a manual chair, in a matter of seconds.

Ezride plus

For many wheelchair users, a manual chair is easier to use indoors, easy to get in and out of a standard vehicle and is a low-cost solution for mobility issues.

But there are times when you need a little extra help propelling a wheelchair, especially outdoors, on uneven terrain, or where there are inclines and this is where the EZ Ride+ really shines! You simply attach it to your manual wheelchair and you instantly have an electric scooter.

Of course one of the downfalls with electric scooters is that they can be large and difficult to get in and out of a car. Many scooter users have had to purchase larger vehicles, install lifts or ramps or rely on paratransit services to get around with their electric scooters.

Not with the EZ Ride+. All you need to do is detach it from your standard folding wheelchair and store it in a vehicle with your folding wheelchair. It folds up small and is under 30Lbs!


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