FreeWheel® Wheelchair Attachment


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The FreeWheel® is an innovative attachment that will give you more freedom on challenging terrains, including dirt, grass, and gravel.

One of the big problems with wheelchairs in general is that the small front casters don't perform well when not on a hard, flat surface.

The FreeWheel® solves that problem. It lifts the front casters off the ground and places the weight onto a larger tire that can easily navigate rough terrain.

The FreeWheel® easily attaches to the footrest of your wheelchair and transforms it into a three-wheel all-terrain vehicle. Pushing through grass, gravel, uneven surfaces and even snow becomes significantly easier.

FreeWheel® users are able to navigate confidently, without getting stuck - and rolling resistance on tough terrain is significantly reduced.

And, when not in use, the FreeWheel® easily detaches and can be stored on the back of the chair within seconds.

This attachment is a game-changer!

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